Acrylic Painting

I have been envious of talented visual artists, including a few of my family members, for most of my adult life.  I can’t draw anything without a ruler and sharp pencil.  My daughter and wife got me started working with acrylics.  I still can’t paint with a brush, but I have a blast with a pallet of acrylic bright colored paint, a canvas and a sea sponge or pallet knife.  Most of my paintings are done with a sponge.  I have a few different sponges I like.

I usually don’t know what I am going to paint when I start out. I love what purple and yellow do together.  I will start by sponging a canvas with the various beautiful shades of brown that come from the combination, and the painting will take on a character of it’s own. Many times the finished painting does not even show the purple and yellow combination that I started with.  It makes a beautiful backdrop, which is called negative space in the painting world.  Again check out and see what artists are doing with acrylic paint.

I get most of the materials I need from Michael’s with their 40% off coupons.  Acrylic paint is water soluble when it is wet, so cleanup is easy.  Even if you think you can’t paint go to Michael’s and pick up a few canvasses and an assortment of your favorite colors. I don’t use a pallet, but a stack of the cheapest white paper plates available and throw the top one away when I am done with that color combination. Take a sea sponge and start blotting the paint on the canvas.  If you don’t like that painting try another painting right over the top of it.  Most of my paintings have a few beneath them.

A few of my paintings can be seen on my Youtube video page on the “Classical Gas” video.  Some of my favorites are attached below.