The latest diet fad is called the Paleo diet.  It is basically the same thing I have been saying for many years now.  The only difference is they left the Garden of Eden, God and creation out of the their plan.  I prefer mine:

God is a brilliant biophysicist.  He designed our bodies and knew what food we would need to thrive.  If you buy a dog for your kids you don’t buy it cat or bird food.  You buy dog food.  You possibly try to buy the good stuff for a while. God knew there wouldn’t be a restaurant around to feed Adam and Eve so he placed them in a garden. Close your eyes for a minute and try to visualize what might have been in that garden. That’s people food.  I can’t envision wheat fields, rice fields, sugar cane fields, corn fields or most of the things that we call food today.  You can argue a case for eating or not eating meat and I won’t argue back. There probably were a few animals walking around. The garden was surrounded by rivers, so there were fish available.

Once you visualize that concept try this.  When Adam and Eve were kicked out of the garden they were each given two curses. Hers were that she would desire Adam and having kids was going to be painful. His were that he would till the soil in vain.  I assume that was to try to re-create the garden. His second curse was that he would eat bread. If I am reading that correctly it sounds like bread is a curse and they probably didn’t eat it in the garden.

We all learned in the 70’s that whole wheat bread was good because the fiber was good for our colons. What we did not learn is that wheat and most other types of bread have a high glycemic index.  It’s important that you learn what that means because that is one of the most important concepts to weight loss and health.  People that eat a lot of bread may die with clean colons but they will still be overweight and have diabetes with it’s multiple ailments before they die.  When I go to funerals I never ever look at the persons colon.  Fruits and vegetables have a lower glycemic index than wheat and have plenty of fiber.


I’ve heard it said that on your tombstone between the year you are born and the year you die the dash symbolizes the life you live.  If you visualize that dash as a loaf of bread you may see why you died that year instead of a year several years later.

A couple pieces of advice, or Garyisms:  Don’t take nutritional advice from a fat person or healthcare advice from someone that is sick all of the time.