Like most kids in the 60s I started playing the guitar around the time the Beatles were on  the Ed Sullivan show in 1964.  I dabbled in it without lessons until I was 36.  I have been in a few bands over the years but had to quit because I started losing my hearing. There is nothing that can replace the fun of being on stage with a few thousand fans and a full dance floor. My most recent band, and the most fun was the Fabulous Chancellors. They are still the best oldies band in Idaho.  If you click on their webpage and go the the “History” page I am just to the right of center, (13th from the right in that long photo). I still had some brown hair then.  I still take lessons from jamplay occasionally in my spare time .  Look at  You can buy a guitar, subscribe to jamplay, and learn from beginners level to pro without leaving your house.  It’s more fun to play with other people because they will motivate you to stay with it.  There’s nothing like Wednesdays band practice to make you learn your new songs so you don’t look stupid.  And after all the first rule in life is “Don’t Look Stupid” (another Garyism). Tuners, strings and all of the other supplies are usually cheaper online.

Your choice of guitars depends on what you like to hear and how it feels when you play. Don’t buy too cheap and I recommend that you don’t buy online. No two are exactly alike. It is much better to hold the guitar in your hands.  When I bought my most recent guitar I played a few of the exact same model and chose the one that sounded and felt best to me.