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This is the building that holds the electric and water collectors up for the solar hot tub. It is 8′ x 12′ and can be moved to a new location if I need to in the future.  The room has battery back up and can be ran off the grid on a sunny day using the extra power from the hot tub panels.  If I added a couple more batteries it could be completely off the grid.  The opposite end of the room has a queen size futon, but can be set up with  a green screen for video work.  That’s how I shot the “Classical Gas” video with my acrylic paintings behind me. You can see the futon in my “Dust in the Wind” video.  I will add a few

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IMG_2383 IMG_2382 IMG_2381 IMG_2378 IMG_2377 IMG_2376 IMG_2375 IMG_2372

pictures of the construction phase.

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