The poems below are from my eBook “Poetry for a Better World”.   The eBook is available from Amazon.com by clicking on the book cover below.

Tomorrow Today

Tomorrow will be a perfect day.

I’ll wake up rested and ready to play.

I’ll spend my time with the ones I love.

And be the friend they’re worthy of.

I won’t worry about the past

Or the future that comes so fast.

I’ll cherish each moment as it comes.

Sharing love and having fun.

It sounds so good I can’t wait.

So I will live tomorrow today.


Television is an amazing thing

From your chair you can see

Life at its best lived by those

That know what to do and where to go.

You laugh, you cry

And share their lives

All the while

Yours passes by.

Television what a plot.

At the start who would have thought

It would be used in this way?

To make the world a stupid place.

Who owns the cameras make the rules,

And they’ve decided to make us fools.

Every day while in a trance

People watch as others dance

Or laugh or live or love and play

While they sit and fade away.

Can great TV shows you have seen

Replace you baby or their teens?

While you watch TV all day

They grow up and move away.

It’s OK because they too

Won’t remember much of you.

The choice is yours from now on.

Watch strangers live their lives,


Learn to live your own.