The Projects (Good things come to those that make)

My wife and I live in The Projects.   I am constantly building something. I will be attaching photos and descriptions of my projects as I can.  I changed my building style after finding tumbleweed homes web page.  Now I only build out-buildings and other various projects that I can fit on a flatbed and move at will.  .

Another great resource is the build it solar web page.  I built a completely off grid 200 gallon hot tub using the information on that page.  The storage tank I call the Dog House is a 200 gallon insulated tank that I keep around 140 degrees. The tub stays at 104 degrees most of the year.  The electric solar panel design I got from youtube videos.  I think it is just as cheap now to buy electrical collectors on ebay with a 20 or 25 year warranty.  I soldered mine together while I was nearly bed ridden with my last lumbar disk rupture.  As soon as I could get up and around (post epidural) I built the rest of the project.